Banks in Kansas with Promotions
    Bank of America $100 checking account promo bank of the americas
Earn a $100 bonus after you open your personal checking account with Direct
Deposit. This Bank of America Promotion Expires 12/31/15
Kansas Banks $100 Cash
Bonus Promo Code Charter One Bank $175 Checking Account BONUS. Free money to open a checking account online in Kansas.
    Chase Bank
    Chase Bank currently has a promotion for a $150 Cash Bonus when you open a
    Total Checking Account Online. To receive Chase Bank's Bonus Cash, deposit
    $100 within 10 days of opening your new checking account.

    Commerce Bank
    Commerce Bank has a promotion for $125 in bonuses when you complete
    qualifying actions after opening a new myRewards Checking account.

    Denison State Bank
    Here you will find the most current information on the bank's products and
    services, plus lots of helpful information on managing your bank accounts with
    us. Regular Savings Account: This account pays you interest and gives you
    flexibility to access your funds. Interest compounded and credited quarterly.
    Daily balance method used to calculate interest. $100 minimum to open. Free
    ATM card with account. Bank does not charge for use of card at our ATMs.
    Kansas Banks with Banking Promotions in 2013Chase Bank 2013 Bonus Offer Code. Chase Bank
    Discover Bank
Open a Discover Bank savings account online instantly and earn a rate 5x the
National Savings Averages with a low opening deposit and access to your cash
    Online Checking Account free
    Douglas County Bank
    Offers banking the way it should be - friendly, local, reliable. You can depend
    on the strength of our banking team to offer competitive products, excellent
    service and convenient locations. We offer you a wide range of maturities and
    special features to meet your investment, income and retirement account
    (IRA) needs. Competitive rates and the total safety of FDIC insurance.
    Kansas Banks That Offer Free Checking Accounts in Kansas
    Emprise Bank
    Offering a variety of personal and business banking products focused on
    helping you get the most from life. Regular Savings account: Interest earned
    on daily available balances of $50 or more. Interest compounded and credited
    monthly. No limit on withdrawals at Emprise Bank ATMs. No monthly
    maintenance fee if average daily balance of $250 is maintained or if account
    owner is under age 21 or over age 65. With a low initial investment, you can
    select from a wide range of CDs, with maturities ranging from 91 days to 5
    years. Depending upon the amount and maturity of the CD, the certificate
    holder may have interest compounded, or the interest can be automatically
    transferred to another Emprise account. Any funds withdrawn prior to CD’s
    maturity are subject to penalty. With tax advantages on the one hand, and a
    more secure future on the other, you have plenty of good reasons to have an
    IRA with Emprise Bank. Plus, we offer a variety of ways to structure your IRA,
    from fixed rates to variable rates and a variety of maturities.
    Kansas Banks That Offer Free Checking Accounts in Kansas
    Equity Bank
    Your full service bank since 1899. Your Equity Bank® checking account comes
    with standard overdraft protection as a convenience & safety net to our
    customers. This means that we may authorize and pay ATM and one-time
    debit card transactions even if you do not have enough money in your account
    to cover the transaction. We will charge you a fee of up to $30.00  each time
    we pay an overdraft. If your account is overdrawn for 8 or more consecutive
    calendar days, we will charge an additional $5 per day. There is no limit on the
    total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.
    Kansas Banks Fifth Third Bank Bonus 2013 Kansas Banks
    Hillcrest Bank
    Providing personal and business accounts. Hillcrest Bank has the most
    uncomplicated and easy to use checking accounts to manage your daily
    finances. Absolutely Free Checking: Unlimited check writing and debit card
    transactions. No minimum balance. Unlimited check writing. Free Bill Pay. Free
    Hillcrest Bank VISA® debit card. Our Capital Performance Money Market
    account rewards Hillcrest Bank checking account customers with premium
    interest rates. Performance Money Market offers higher rates of return for
    higher balances. As your money grows, so does your interest rate.
    Kansas Banks That Offer Free Checking Accounts in Kansas
    Kansas State Bank
    The great service you can expect from your hometown community bank.
    Kansas State Bank is a full service independent community bank, with our
    Main Office in Manhattan, Kansas. Free Checking: Minimum to open $25 -
    unlimited checking. No monthly maintenance fee. Regular insufficient fund and
    overdraft charges apply. This account does not pay interest. Money Market
    minimum to open $2500. Maintenance fee $12 per quarter if balance falls
    below $2500. Transaction restrictions apply. Savings minimum to open $100.
    No maintenance fee - $2 per transaction in excess of 6 per quarter. Other
    Accounts include Christmas Club, Regular Checking, Personal Now, Non-Profit,
    Business Checking, Business Now, Business Money Market, Business Savings
    and a variety of fixed rate Certificates of Deposit and IRAs. CDs from 90 days
    to 5 years. IRAs from 1 yr to 5 years, including a 30 month variable rate that
    allows you to make contributions on a monthly basis. A safe secure way to
    earn a higher rate of interest.
    Kansas Banks That Offer Free Checking Accounts in Kansas
    Lyons Federal Savings
    Offering financial products to meet all your needs today and tomorrow. Home
    financing options include conventional, balloon, ARM, and construction. A full
    range of both interest bearing and non-interest bearing accounts available,
    including special accounts for students and seniors. Both traditional and Roth
    IRA plans available as well as Certificates of Deposit with competitive rates and
    convenient terms.
    Kansas Banks
    Marshall & Isley Bank
    Take advantage of one of today’s best rates by opening an M&I Premier
    Money Market.  It offers easy access to your money while earning a great
    interest rate.  Build your savings by taking advantage of money market
    interest rates. With a qualifying balance of $2,500, the interest rates on the
    M&I Growth Money Market provide an excellent growth opportunity.
    Performance is guaranteed when you lock in high interest rates without risk.
    Our CDs are created for short-term or long-term; small or large investments.  
    Kansas Bank Promotions in 2014 - Banks in Kansas with Promotions
    North American Savings Bank
    NASB offers a diversified portfolio of financial services, banking, investments,
    mortgage loans, consumer loans and commercial loans. Offers Performance
    Savings: This premium savings account provides higher interest rates for
    higher balances. Free Financial Education Tools. Unlimited Withdrawals in
    Person. All deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor. Minimum
    Opening Deposit: $5,000. All CDs are available as Individual Retirement
    Accounts (IRAs). Kansas Online Checking Account free 150 Cash Bonus to
    open a free personal checking account Kansas bank account
    PNC Bank
    The Best PNC Bank promotional offer in 2014 is $150 Bonus Cash when you
    open and use Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend. Your new, PNC Personal
    Checking Account offers get exclusive perks like unlimited checks, interest
    checking and more—plus a $150 reward with qualifying Direct Deposit and one
    payment via Online Bill Pay.  2013 PNC Bank offer code 2013 Bank Promotions, $100 Bank
    Kansas Banks That Offer Free Checking Accounts in Kansas
USAA Bank  
    USAA Bank and American Express, are currently offering an American
    Express Secured Card that lets you choose your credit line up to $5000. Your
    deposit is transferred into a interest-earning 2 year Certificate of Deposit.
    USAA Bank also offers a totally free checking account with Free ATMs
    nationwide. Use any ATM for free and they'll even refund other banks' ATM
    fees. o. Best online bank promotions for a free checking account. Best online bank promotions for a
    free checking account
    Wells Fargo Bank Promotion 2014
    Wells Fargo is offering a $100 Bonus when you open a new Wells Fargo
    consumer checking account and, within 60 days, either use your debit card to
    make 10 purchases or payments or set up direct deposit.
    Online Banking Promotions Banks with a cash bonus promotion in 2014. Best
    Checking Account in Kansas
    Kansas Bank Promotions - Banks in Kansas with Promotions
    $150 Free Chase Bank Promotions.
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